Life After Recovering From Meth Addiction

Life after recovering from meth addiction

When someone who is heavily dependent on methamphetamines goes through rehabilitation, those who care about them are often relieved. They think that the nightmare has ended and everything will be getting back to normal. However, the reality is that methamphetamine addiction is very hard to get over.

A Growing Problem

The rush that people get from methamphetamines is greater than three times what they experience when using cocaine. It also lasts many times longer. Meth addiction statistics are staggering. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, there are 24.7 million individuals abusing methamphetamines in the world.

One fifth of known methamphetamine users are located in Canada, Mexico and the United States. At the same time, about 3 percent of American students have tried methamphetamines before they graduate from high school. In the U.S. alone, over five million people from different backgrounds are dependent on methamphetamines.

In the United States, 20 to 50 percent of meth addicts have been incarcerated due to methamphetamine related crimes. These crimes include thefts, burglaries, domestic violence and assaults. The economic cost of methamphetamine use in the U.S. is estimated to be 20 billion dollars every year. These losses include treatment, incarceration, foster care, medical costs and productivity loss. According to Rehab International, women are more likely to get hooked on meth than cocaine.

Only a Select Few

For many methamphetamine users, the day that they get busted can be the best day of their entire lives. This is because it can be their ticket to recovery. However, the journey is very hard. In fact, a lot of former methamphetamine users spend a number of years repairing the damage that they have caused to their careers, their health and their families.

Life does continue after methamphetamines but not without hardships. A lot of former addicts say that using this substance makes them feel that they are on the top of the world. At the same time, they say that it does not take long for this drug to take hold of their everyday lives. Once they started using methamphetamines, their lives quickly dive into a freefall. Some of them lose their jobs and get completely hooked on their addiction. A lot of these people say that willpower is not enough to break their dependence. At the same time, learning to carry on life without methamphetamines is a constant battle for addicts.

According to meth addiction statistics that came from a study in Australia, a lot of methamphetamine addicts will relapse within three years of obtaining treatment. Even those who regularly go to meetings have a high rate of relapse at 88 percent. This is the reason why breaking the habit is very hard to do for this drug . In America, only 5 percent of former methamphetamine users successfully shed their dependence.

Drug Courts

Some individuals who have been arrested and sentenced on felony drug related charges go to drug courts instead of being placed behind bars for a long period of time. These drug courts can help recovering addicts get their lives back if they want to. If individuals do want to reclaim their lives, they must completely detach themselves from everything they did while they were an addict. This includes the people that they know. They also have to get used to a whole new lifestyle, and this is a very important step.

Every recovering addict says that learning to live without methamphetamines is very hard. At the same time, drug courts are not very easy. Participants get busy with reading assignments, weekly meetings, community projects and random and scheduled drug tests. In a drug court, there is very little room for mistakes. Even small errors could land a participant in jail. Although these rules are very strict, the programs were designed to help recovering meth users rise up to the challenge and be successful. In a drug court, order, discipline and learning structure is the foundation for correcting an addiction torn life.

New Challenges and a New Life

After an individual has recovered from their methamphetamine addiction, life can be challenging. During treatment, people usually have help available if they encounter anxiety and depression. They also learn many ways to cope with their emotions. At the same time, they learn on how to avoid places, things and people that cause them to want to use methamphetamines again.

Although they have been well versed in these precautions, nothing can prepare them for actually living free from methamphetamines for the long-term. It can be a very scary time, and people are worried about whether they can overcome their strong urge to use. They devise new routes to go to and from work so that they may avoid encountering where their methamphetamine-using pals congregate. Some people may live with a partner who currently uses this substance. It can be a tough situation. This is especially true if their partner does not get treatment.

Many meth users who are in recovery say that they are plagued by both anxiety and uncertainty. At the same time, they have very low self-esteem. Nowhere is this more common than when a person tries to look for a job. It is often their first job after many years or months of joblessness as a result of their methamphetamine dependence. They may also be trying to look for a job after getting laid off or fired due to their addiction. Job interviews are very hard for everyone; however, it is much difficult for a recovering methamphetamine addict.

Anything that requires them to put themselves in front of other individuals can cause anxiety in former meth users. This is because they are afraid that these people know all about their past methamphetamine use; they also feel that they are being judged because of that.

Another challenge that a recovering addict feels is their urge to use again. They will have periods where they are frustrated and stressed, and that can push them to seriously want to go back to their dependence. At the same time, these complications never completely disappear. If a recovering user lets their guard down, these urges are like a monster waiting to get out of the closet.


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