Why People Turn to Drugs in the First Place

The reasons people turn to drugs in the first place
Why people turn to drugs in the first place

Drug abuse is something that occurs in every country in the world. Each nation attempts to control and diminish its occurrences in its own individual ways. However, the fight to get a handle on drug abuse is one that continues to be lost. Users across the world indulge in various legal and illegal substances. Some current statistics on worldwide drug abuse have indicated the following:

  • Approximately 203 million people use cannabis
  • More than 19 million people use ecstasy
  • More than 56 million people use amphetamine-type stimulants
  • More than 21 million people use opiates
  • More than 21 million people in the world use cocaine

How Drugs Affect the Psyche and Emotions

Different drugs have various effects on each person’s psyche and emotions. Stimulants have a tendency to make the user feel upbeat, energetic and invincible. Narcotic pills and drugs have a sedating effect, and they cause euphoria in some people. These substances tend to numb physical and emotional pain and replace it with a temporary feeling of well-being. Some drugs increase a person’s sexual performance and stamina. Marijuana can put a person in a humorous frame of mind and relax the individual a great deal. Illegal and legal drugs have a way of masking a person’s emotions for only a short amount of time.

Why People Turn to Drugs in the First Place

People turn to using drugs for a wide variety of reasons. Finding the right treatment for meth addiction and other types of drug addictions depends greatly on the reason that the person started using drugs from the beginning. The individual will have to seek help from some type of counselor to get to the original root of the problem. The following are reasons that people tend to start using drugs:

  • Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Mental Illness. Whether or not an individual receives a diagnosis for a mental illness, the urge to medicate the condition with illegal drugs is prevalent. One of the reasons that people use illegal substances to treat the symptoms of mental conditions is expenses. Most psychiatric medications are extremely expensive as opposed to the cost of a street drug. Some users with mental illnesses also prefer the quick effects that illegal drugs have on their emotional status and thought process. Psychiatric medications take approximately three days to several weeks to start working, while street drugs and illegal substances take effect within minutes. Impatience and lack of funding are the main reasons that people with mental illness delve into the harmful realm of drug abuse. Unfortunately, long-term use of illegal substances tends to make the mental illness worse. The user becomes more unstable and unable to return to the mental condition that he or she was in prior to starting with drugs.
  • Dysfunctional Family Units. Poor communication and relations within a family can cause a person to start using drugs. Every human being needs love, attention and nurturing from his or her primary care providers. Therefore, in a home in which one or both of the parents is not providing those important elements, a young person is more susceptible to giving in to peer pressure and indulging in the use of drugs. Additionally, when two spouses are constantly arguing or one is cheating on the other one; someone usually craves to have his or her pain removed. This might leave an opening for one person to start using and abusing drugs. A good way for families to prevent this from happening is to recognize the rift in communication when it is occurring and seek counseling or therapy to mend it.
  • Lack of a Support System. Loneliness is one of the main reasons that people turn to drug abuse in the first place. No feeling exists that is worse than feeling as if one is alone in the world. Loneliness creates a gnawing void that an individual needs to fill in some way. Unfortunately, some people do not know of healthy ways to fill a void. The individual may not know how to develop friendships and healthy bonds with people. Using drugs might be a way for that person to temporarily fill the void and feel satisfied in life. The problem that arises from loneliness induced drug use is that most users become addicted after a short time. This starts a seemingly endless cycle of feeling lonely, using drugs, and then feeling lonely again, when the effects of the drug diminishes. Additionally, the person may end up falling into a deep state of depression.
  • Lack of Coping Skills. A large majority of people who use drugs do so because they lack the appropriate coping skills. They do not know of constructive ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and life’s problems. The drugs tend to numb the emotions and lower the inhibitions so that the person does not have to face the problems right away. Unfortunately, getting started with using drugs creates a new, more detrimental problem than the original one in most cases. A person who has financial problems will be in a worse place during the course of a drug addiction. Friendships and family ties will become severed as well. The individual may also lose his or her job, which causes an additional problem.
  • Mental or Emotional Abuse. People who suffer from mental, verbal or physical abuse may turn to meth addiction or drug abuse as a way of blocking out the pain and anguish of the abuse. Instead of facing the pain and forgiving the abuser, some victims search for a quick fix, or an emotional band-aid, that can get them through for a short time. This is not the proper way to deal with abuse. A regiment that consists of therapy, exercise and healthy eating habits would be more appropriate to help an individual to get through such a tough time. Drug abuse only masks a problem temporarily. The problem will most definitely be more painful after the drug’s effects go away.

Getting Help for Meth Addiction and Drug Abuse

Anyone who is currently suffering from meth addiction or any other type of drug addiction can get help rather quickly. Assistance is no more than a phone call away. Rehabilitation facilities are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The main goal of these facilities is to stop drug usage and educate people on how to maintain healthy, drug free lives.


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