Meth Addiction

Meth is a drug who’s effects are hard to miss. Those who suffer from addiction and abuse of methamphetamine, often find that the effects begin to take over their body very quickly. The central nervous system stimulant can have many grave affects not only physically but mentally as well, with many of the symptoms being devastating to society as well as themselves.

The cocktail of chemicals that is combined to make meth can be found in many households. Meth is made up of a lethal combination of drain cleaner, paint thinner, lithium from batteries, cold medicine, and other assorted chemicals. These chemicals will eat away at a person over time making them look pail and splotchy. The most common hallucinogenic affect will leave them covered in sores as they try to pick away the bugs that they think are crawling under their skin. These are known as “crank bugs” and the sores will often end up infected from the addict’s lack of personal hygiene. Meth also will begin to rot the user’s teeth as it reduces the saliva output. This symptom also has a nickname and is known as “meth mouth.” Because meth reduces the appetite, meth users will begin to drop weight drastically. The symptoms of meth abuse are numerous. An addict will age very quickly because of the dramatic effects the drug has on the body.

As if the physical effects of methamphetamine use were not bad enough, the psychological effects are much worse. The powerful effects of the chemical jambalaya called meth have been found to eventually eat holes in the brain, making many of the psychological effects permanent. Those who do recover from addiction, can never fully return to the person that they once were as many suffer from learning deficiencies and bouts of paranoia. While they are using the drug, they become a danger to themselves and others because of the profound effects methamphetamine has on the brain. Meth addicts are often jittery, anxious, and paranoid. They have bouts of extreme moodiness that can be followed by severe depression. They may become suicidal or even homicidal which is what can make them so dangerous. Meth addicts are unpredictable and reasoning with them is nearly impossible. They will also gain a false sense of confidence and power. This is known as the “superman syndrome.” They think that they can not be hurt and they can do anything which can endanger the lives of anyone around them.

Meth addiction can be incredibly difficult to treat and cravings can be a constant struggle for a recovering addict. Although there is no cure for meth addiction and abuse, it can be treated through an extreme treatment program that focuses primarily on behavioral therapy. Getting treatment for addiction can begin with the decision to seek help for your problem. Our licensed counselors can help guide you down a path to recovery. Healing the damage that has been done by years of drug abuse takes time and patience. With a successful treatment program, regaining control of your life can begin today.