Addiction to MethamphetaminesMethamphetamines addiction is a very serious addiction that not only affects you mentally, but methamphetamine affects your physical appearance to the point where you will have to get reconstructive surgery to fix it and even then the chance of appearing natural is very slim. Some physical problems that almost every methamphetamine addict experiences include meth mouth, skin aging, and scars all over the body.

The Dangers of Meth

Meth mouth is what people call methamphetamine addicts mouths because every methamphetamine addict has problems with their teeth that are almost irreversible. Side effects of meth mouth can be dry mouth where it feels like you have cotton balls trapped among your teeth, tooth decay that turns even some of the prettiest smiles into a rotting, smelling hole, cracked teeth from the addict clenching their teeth together while under the influence, and gum disease from the lack of blood getting distributed to the teeth and gums.

Another physical side effect of methamphetamine addiction is aging skin. Methamphetamine addicts do not have a craving for food and usually they do not have the money to buy food; when this happens the user starts becoming anorexic and ruining their skin. Without nutrients going into a person’s blood, the skin begins to age very rapidly causing the user to look two to three times their age. One of the hardest side effects of methamphetamine addiction is the scars the addicts get all over their bodies. These scars can come from numerous reasons, but the most predominate reason is from the feeling of bugs being under their skin. The user will pick and pick at the sores they created and ultimately cause themselves life long scars on their face, arms and other parts of their bodies.

Make the Change in Your Life

Methamphetamine addiction can turn any person into a monster like creature. If you or someone you care for is experiencing some physical side effects from a methamphetamine addiction, call now before you or them end up with irreversible effects that show the world their addiction. It is never to early to make the change in your life or someone you care about life.

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