The Financial Consequences of Using Crystal Meth

Financial Consequences of Using Meth

By now everyone has seen the crystal meth addiction pictures of users and knows the physical impact of using this drug. However, drug use causes much more damage than you might think. One thing that people starting drug use forget about is the impact of this drug abuse on their finances. While using this drug, many people can only think about getting more. However, once they begin to recover from drug use, addicts are shocked at how much long-term damage that crystal meth can cause on their lives as a whole. Recovery is not just a matter of kicking the habit and repairing the physical injuries caused during drug use. Crystal meth can make it impossible to acquire financial stability in life.

Financial Impact of Drug Use

All illegal drugs have a financial impact on your life if you abuse them. Obviously, you lose all the money that you spend on these drugs, many of which are quite expensive, and get nothing back but a few fleeting moments of pleasure. However, medical bills and other costs also continue to plague drug users long after they have quit using. In cases of crystal meth users, the long-term financial consequences can be even more severe.

How Crystal Meth Changes Your Future

Long-term abuse of crystal meth leaves users with a variety of physical issues. However, recovery is much more than just healing the scabs that users cause on their skin. Crystal meth destroys teeth, alters brain chemistry, and greatly increases the chances that you will never be trusted with a job again. Being unemployed will make it even more difficult to manage the long-term costs of abusing this illegal substance. The total costs include the following possibilities:

  • Wasted Money on Drug Use. An 8-ball is a common quantity of crystal meth sold to users around the country. It weighs about 3.5 grams. Many users will use that amount in a week. Heavy users who have become dependent on the drug will use that amount in a day or two. An 8-ball will sell for anywhere between $100 and $400, depending on the region and the quality of the meth. A heavy user could easily burn through $2,000 or more per month on crystal meth.
  • The Price Tag of Withdrawal. Unfortunately for the willing person, recovery is not free. Trying to go cold turkey is almost impossible without assistance, and can result in hallucinations and terrible sensations of pain. These symptoms drive many people almost irresistibly back into drug use. That is why they need the help of detox centers in order to recover. These detox centers are not cheap, and you can imagine that there are not a lot of programs out there to pay for these treatments. The cost of a detox center varies, but will be at least $100 per day. An addict may require weeks of direct support in order to begin the journey to recovery. Furthermore, crystal meth has nearly the highest rate of relapse among controlled substance abusers. Most people will make more than one expensive trip into detox if they are going to survive this abuse.
  • Medical Expenses. The physical damage caused by crystal meth abuse must be repaired if the user is going to resume anything resembling a normal life. However, this is not simply a question of letting some scabs heal. The skin abscesses often develop into infections which require additional medical treatment. Poor nutrition that results indirectly from the drug use also causes long-term damage which must be addressed by physicians. Internal bleeding, brittle bones, organ failure, and blindness can all result from crystal meth abuse. The physicians who treat these issues will naturally require payment.
  • Dental Costs. Crystal meth destroys teeth because it dries out the mouth. Without saliva in their surroundings, teeth lose a form of protection and rapidly begin to decay. On average, the price of a dental crown is about $600. Replacing all the teeth in your mouth, which is not an uncommon result of long-term crystal meth use, could easily cost more than $5,000.
  • Mental Health Bills. Crystal meth has such a powerful effect on people because it interacts with your brain chemistry. This is how it can cause the euphoria that many users seek. At the same time, it also alters the brain physically and can bring on a variety of psychoses as a result. These psychoses do not go away after you kick the habit. The minimum cost of therapy in most places is $100 per hour.
  • Jail Time. Many users, if not most of them, eventually get caught by the authorities and do time in jail. Even if they are not selling the drug, they are going to do some time in jail. This can easily result in job loss, even if it is only due to missing shifts. If a user has a professional job and uses personal days or sick days to cover the time lost, he or she may still lose the job because employers do not want to have a known abuser of crystal meth working for them.
  • Job Opportunities Lost. Typically, crystal meth users can expect to lose a lot of job opportunities. The physical markers of this drug use can take a long time to heal, and many will never go away. They will make it difficult to earn respect in a job interview. Finally, the presence of a conviction for crystal meth possession on your criminal record will also immediately exclude you from many jobs.
  • Divorce and Child Custody. More than one marriage has been destroyed by crystal meth use. While it is possible in most states to let the other spouse go and not pay any court fees, you will not be able to defend any property that you still have, nor will you be able to protect child custody or visitation rights. You will need to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to protect assets and your rights to your children after a drug charge.

The financial consequences of using crystal meth go on and on. You can expect to keep paying for just a few moments of pleasure for the rest of your life when you indulge a habit in this drug.

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